Friday, October 21, 2005

Toledo Mayoral Debate Questions

1).Who/What is to blame for the multi million deficit inherited by Mayor Jack Ford when he assumed office in 2001?

2). We have heard use of the party labels Demorcat and Republican by each of the candidates on stage. Please describe what makes you a member of either party, and your definition of being such a member.In other words, How/Why are you a Democrat? What makes you a Democrat? The same for the Republican Party candidates.

3). With the image of neighboring Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick on the line, with national news media like Time Magazine calling him one of America's Worst Mayors and criticizing his "hip hop" image, how important do you think the image of the Mayor of Toledo is to the broader community, state and federal officials?

4).What state and federal connections and relationships do you have and with whom? Toledoans understand much of the City's funding for various projects comes from state and federal sources. How/Whom can you lobby on the state and federal level to work on behalf of Toledo.

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