Friday, October 21, 2005

An Article I'd Read

Dear The Blade:

Please consider this idea from an avid-daily online reader:

I strongly believe The Blade should do a long article on "What Makes You a Democrat?" for the Democratic candidates for Mayor, and "What Makes You a Republican? for Mr. Ludeman, before the Primary.Toledoans know there are three candidates that claim they are Democrats.

However, The Blade may consider asking each candidate in an article (not debate forum, because the opportunity to answer in depth is not there). What makes them a Democrat? Why are they Democrats?How are your policies (in action) or planned, Democratic policies? With both national parties redefining themselves over the last several years, a local highlight of this nature is appropriate.

The same should be asked of Mr. Ludeman. In a tense political election, I think it will prove significant the differences the candidates draw when they response to these are similar questions.

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