Monday, June 25, 2007

An Executive's Executive

Once again our government has failed the basic test of common sense. Admirably and on schedule, President Bush requires all members of the executive branch to provide all documents - including classified documents to his office for his perusal. This typical act that usually takes place in presidential administrations tends to go on without a news story. However, in a post 9/11 world these types of routine acts get scrutinized - and I'm glad it is!

Our Vice President Cheny - the man most believe actually runs 1600 Pennsylvania Ave - has decided not to provide the documents claiming he is not a member of the executive branch! I guess he's a judge now, or maybe a senator? Maybe he forget about his two presidential campaigns?!?!? At any rate, instead of giving the documents in an era that reeks of the aftermath of the Libbey trial and conviction - his former chief of staff, Cheney decides to recommend that the office that requests the documents be abolished.

As bad as this looks for Cheney, the real issue is the fact that this is an executive order from Bush that can only be enforced by Bush. So, it is a repeated cycle of . . . . well. . . . nothing. Once again, the public feels insecure, our leaders feel above the law, and the public and Congress (deadlocked because the public decided to vote a narrow Democratic majority) can do nothing.

Even as a political scientist in training, I can understand why people would disaffect from politics altogether. If this is what they cite as reasons, who could blame them?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

US Attorneys Fiasco-A Tangent to Real Concerns

As partisan as I might appear to be to some people, this is an issue that seems daunting to me.

I simply don't get why Democrats and Republicans are spending so much time discussing the firings of 8 US Attorneys. OK, so maybe the Democrats are trying to add another appearence of bad ethics to the Republican side, but - give me a break - it's 8 people!

We have far more pressing issues as a country. If the concern really is someone's job security, how about we discuss unemployment rates, re-negotiate union contracts, pensions, and benefits for people. How about we talk about affirmative action - the job security for many underprivileged in this country!

But please, stop talking about these 8 US Attorneys. Let's spend time fighting homelessnes, child abuse, poor education in our schools, affordable health care and home ownership. There is just so much more important and relevant to our lives than 8 US Attorneys.

Now, all of this is rhetoric unless we all talk action and demand our elected representatives change their course of focus. So, that's my message. I hope to encourage you to press issues of relevance to your elected officials. Only then will government be effective.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

GREAT News for HIVers!


It cannot be understated the joy of hearing news that scientific research can now add years of survival to HIV patients whose infection has been complicated by a resistance to the current available drugs on the market.

In other words, millions of people will have access to drugs that will add years of life!

Glory be to God!

See the New York Times story here: