Friday, August 18, 2006

Andrew Young Remark Unacceptable

Most who know me know that I believe self-criticism and valid constructive criticism of my own racial group is a healthy process. Thus, you should not be caught off-guard by this column criticizing former Ambassador and Mayor of Atlanta Andrew Young's comment to a black Los Angeles newspaper, where he used racially and ethnicially insentive language to refer to alleged ownership of stores in urban black communities by Jews, Koreans, and Arabs. His comment is completely unacceptable and I am pleased he found it necessary to resign his role with Wal-Mart as a chairman of a campaign to fix its image.

I just hope African American leaders will join me in condemning this remark, while still looking to Young's past great efforts on behalf of human rights for all for guidance with contemporary pressing issues.

Here's the article in the New York Times: