Tuesday, March 20, 2007

US Attorneys Fiasco-A Tangent to Real Concerns

As partisan as I might appear to be to some people, this is an issue that seems daunting to me.

I simply don't get why Democrats and Republicans are spending so much time discussing the firings of 8 US Attorneys. OK, so maybe the Democrats are trying to add another appearence of bad ethics to the Republican side, but - give me a break - it's 8 people!

We have far more pressing issues as a country. If the concern really is someone's job security, how about we discuss unemployment rates, re-negotiate union contracts, pensions, and benefits for people. How about we talk about affirmative action - the job security for many underprivileged in this country!

But please, stop talking about these 8 US Attorneys. Let's spend time fighting homelessnes, child abuse, poor education in our schools, affordable health care and home ownership. There is just so much more important and relevant to our lives than 8 US Attorneys.

Now, all of this is rhetoric unless we all talk action and demand our elected representatives change their course of focus. So, that's my message. I hope to encourage you to press issues of relevance to your elected officials. Only then will government be effective.

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