Friday, October 21, 2005

Take a Trip and Get a Grip

Take a Trip and Get a Grip

Perhaps the reason people can support Carty over Jack for Mayor is because they don't have the opportunity or choose not to travel. If one did, one would see, with Jack in office, Toledo has done one of the better jobs in the entire country given its economic constraints to re-build a legacy lost long ago when downtown first began to fade.

Nearly every city Toledo's size and in the Midwest region of the U.S. has done worse than Toledo in critical areas of importance: jobs for city workers, taxes, downtown development, ethics, safety and fire workers, etc.

Perhaps if people had the chance to leave Toledo they could see and compare and judge accordingly and fairly. Yet, it might be Bush's tax cut for the benefit of the rich, and the national deficit, that results in squeezing the middle class that prevent people to see reality.

But, please, whatever the reason, have a conscience, have a true Democratic conscience, vote for Jack.


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