Thursday, July 20, 2006

Evacuations For White Americans

I got to say it. I find it very interested how the United States couldn't find the resources or manpower to safely evacuate Americans from Hurricane Katrina - residents living within the continental United States; yet our country can find immediate means to evacuate American citizens in the worn torn Middle East, where Lebanon and Israel are currently at odds. Not only do Americans, most of whom are white, get evacuated safely, but most by plane, or luxurious cruise ships amidst bombings and chaos. Yet, somehow, a natural disaster that was predicted days before it occurred in a mostly poor and black area concentrated area in the United States can not have had the same effect.

Not only that, but the national news media makes pleas for the American Secretary of State, Ms. Rice, to immediately go to the Middle East to help address the war torn countries' concerns and to ensure the safe evacuation and care of American citizens through the Embassies -- another example of American errogance which suggests we, and only we, have the power of bridge divides in other places.

Does anyone remember the national media -- Anderson Cooper perhaps beside -- making pleas for national leaders to rush to the scene in the midst of Katrina?

Oddly Bush is right, as he articulated is his first ever speech to the NAACP - conveniently after he no longer needs conservative votes for re-election - when he said, racism still exists in this country and his party shares much of the blame for its political participation.

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