Sunday, November 06, 2005

A Statistical Impossibility

Our President, George W. Bush has the lowest approval rating in American history, currently at 35% according to a new CBS News Poll. But even more embarrassing is that Bush has the lowest approval rating in history for an American President by Latin America Elites, according to the US Embassy in Chile:

"Bush continued to be unpopular, with only 25 percent among the elites saying they had a very favorable or somewhat favorable view of him. Still, that represented an improvement. In 2003, Bush's positive rating was 12 percent."

Still, it gets worse. Bush has an approval rating among Blacks in America at 2% according to an NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll from mid-October. With a 3% margin of error, that is a statistical impossibility. It is possible that Bush has -1% approval among African Americans, arguably the country's most mobilizing minority force.

America needs to understand, this is not just an all-time low from him, it's an all-time low ever!
This demonstrates that his policies are not globally liked, or minority liked. Oh and by the way, that's most of the world. People of color make up a majority of the world's population.

I leave it up to you to decide what this means.

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